Woolworths Healthy Foods Catalogue 16 – 22 Dec 2015

WOOLWORTHS HEALTHY CHOICE Woolworths Healthy Foods Catalogue 16 - 22 Dec 2015

Not so much left to new year ! New year opens a door to new products that you can find them in Woolworths in a great taste and price special for you! If you are the one who is sporty, todays offer is for you! Woolworths offers you amazing protein supplemented ideas for you! You can be the first who is drinking it, its protein rate will amaze you, so you will drink it more and more because of it is fresh and healthy. It can be great supplementary for you or for your kids, because it is totally natural, so you can let your kids drink safely! This would be your kids favorite drink anymore, instead of any other unhealthier ones!

Milk is the thing that we all needed it because of its protein and its supplements to our body. It gives us energy, health and makes us stronger and stronger day by day, so in Woolworths, you can find the best solution that you can drink it safely, also it is healthier than any other milks, because it has 70% more protein than others! The Complete Dairy High Protein Milk is available in Woolworths! Finding natural protein out is the hardest thing for sporty ones , but now you can take this proteins from The Complete Dairy High Protein Milk! It would be perfect offer for sporty people, and also kids, elderly people…. It is perfect offer for all of us! Do not miss this perfect tasty and healthy milk , special for you in Woolworths!


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