Woolworths Healthy Recipe Catalogue 6 – 12 Jan 2016

HEALTHY LIFE WITH WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Healthy Recipe Catalogue 6 - 12 Jan 2016

Woolworhts has delicious offers for you. You can find any kind of products for every meal. Also we have an amazing idea for your breakfast. Make some Apple Crumble Smoothie for breakfast. To enjoy the wonderful flavour, we suggest you to try Vitasoy Original Almond Milk. Beside its unique taste, it is also the source of calcium for strong bones. Try Original or Unsweetened. Also prepare delicious breakfasts for your kid. Kraft Peanut Butter, Kellogg’s Star Wars Cereal and Arnott’s Multipack varieties are on sale at Woolworths.

If you need pratic ideas, check out our full catalogue and get the delicious quality frozen foods. You can cook vegetables, chicken or meat. McCain Frozen Vegetables are picked from the freshest vegetables. Also choose from our huge range of frozen chicken varieties. Chickadee Frozen Chicken Fingers, Snacks and Bites, Steggles Chicken Kiev and Spicy Chicken Chunks are in this catalogue with special prices. Also Borg’s Frozen Puff Pastry, Asiana Cocktail Spring Rolls and Dynasty Banquet are only half price now. Don’t miss this opportunity and cook different meal every day. If you buy 2 packs of Michelle Bridges Delicious Nutritious Frozen Meals, you pay only $12. Shop Woolworhts online to have delicious meals. Enjoy!

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