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Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Snacks and Treats Nov 2019This is not only a supermarket but it’s like a community that shares the problems of the world. Woolworths contributes to some charity campaigns. As promoting the product range, deals, and new catalogues they also promote helping people who are in shortage of food. This is really important in my opinion. Recently, I have read something that suggests that starving people in the world are actually not in need of food but they need the delivery. At a glance, it doesn’t make sense. Of course, they need food but supermarkets and manufacturers cannot deliver the surplus food because it’s costly. We cannot blame anyone and expect them to cover all the expenses for the delivery of the excess food. In the USA, this is really a big problem. Maybe states should create laws that can count these deliveries as a tax payment. Eventually, the food will be gone to the people. But apparently, somebody thinks about these things at Woolworths. When you shop using Woolworths online, in-store, or Woolworths Catalogues, you are contributing the donation of these foods. Go to this page to read about the September report stating the number of donations of foods. They work with OzHarvest, FareShare, Foodbank, and Local Charities. You can buy 50 cent meal token at the checkout. Read more about the OzHarvest and Christmas donations. The organization is one of the biggest in Australia.

Woolworths Christmas Snacks On Sale

Considering Christmas and these charities you might want to check out what Woolworths has to offer in the Christmas confectionery part of the latest catalogue:

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