Woolworths Home Cleaning Catalogue 6 – 12 Jan 2016

PERFECT HOME CLEANINGWoolworths Home Cleaning Catalogue 6 - 12 Jan 2016

The best cleaning products are at Woolworths. Check out our products before cleaning home. For the complete cleaning, all you need is on sale at Woolworths. Remove all the stain with the amazing products of Vanish. Those amazing products leave no stain on the fabrics. Also if you get these products, free personalised school labels will be yours. Get your clothes shining! The best quality laundry powders are here. Biozer Attack Laundry Powder dissolves rapidly for powerful stain removal.  The most difficult places to clean are toilets and bathrooms but with our products, cleaning will be easier than ever. Get the toilet shining with the Toilet Power Gel of White King. Also we suggest you to try Easy Off Bam Active Foam. Beside cleaning home, also our hygiene is so important. Kleenex Facial Tissues are designed perfectly for the skin. You can clean your face perfectly with no worries.

These constantly changing fragrances will surprise whenever you get home. This product has 3 fragrances and each one smells better than the other one. Reclaim the outdoors. Mosquitos and bugs won’t be a trouble any more. The amazing products of Mortein will guard you all the time. No bug or mosquito can approach you.

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