Woolworths Mountain Dew Half Price And More

Woolworths Mountain Dew Half Price And More

Check out half-price deals on the latest catalogue for a refreshing beverage. Soda packs of everyone’s favourite brands are going to cost lower with the ½ prices. Woolworths Mountain dew, Sunkist, and Pepsi Max deal are available on pg 25. There is no feeling that can beat opening a fridge and finding it full of cold beverages. Even in winter, we love to consume some refreshment. Every week, there are some good deals on Woolworths Catalogue regarding similar products. Pay half for some snacks like Snickers, Twisties, McVitie’s, and more. In fact, all these beverages usually belong to the same company. In this case, Mountain Dew is actually one of the brands of PepsiCo. Invented in Tennessee, it’s now one of the well known soft beverage all around the world. Did you know that Mountain Dew was once used as one of the slang words for homemade whiskey (moonshine) at the time?

But one of maybe even more important parts of the snack sale of the Woolworths Catalogue is Christmas treats. We can spot some of them on the pg 4-5. Also, Cadbury’s chocolate blocks such as milk chocolate and hazelnut are what you can find on pg 26. Check out Woolworths deals on similar products in the catalogue:

Beverage and more snacks:

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