Woolworths New Year Meat Catalogue 6 – 12 Jan 2016

MEAT FESTIVE Woolworths New Year Meat Catalogue 6 - 12 Jan 2016

This summer you don’t have to worry about what to cook. The freshest meat products and Jamie’s simple and delicious tips are at Woolworhts. On the 12th page, you can check out Jamie’s chicken marinade tip in this catalogue. Invest in flavour with mega-simple marinades. Also this tip is really economic because we have dropped the price of chicken. For more tips and recipes look out for our free recipe booklet in store or visit Woolworths online.

The most of our meat products are Australian  which means you can always find the freshest products in our stores. We have a huge range of meat products for you to cook delicious meals this summer. Choose from Australian beef rump steaks, lamb rack roast or lamb cutlets, pork loin cutlets and more. Simply summer by Woolworths. We have the delicious quality marinated chicken, beef strips, steaks and more. You can cook in any method and enjoy the wonderful flavour. If you want to eat some burgers, you don’t have to go to fast food restaurant and eat unhealthy burgers. Create the perfect summer burger at home. This product is created with Jamie Mexican Beef Burgers. Get 2 and pay only $15. Also this product is only on sale at Woolworths. For more products which are created with Jamie’s tips, visit Woolworths in stores or online.

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