Woolworths New Year Specials Catalogue 30 – 5 Jan 2016

WOOLWORTHS NEW YEAR  Woolworths New Year Specials Catalogue 30 - 5 Jan 2016

Enjoy your new year’s party with really tasty foods which are available in Woolworths special for yourselves! You can make your New year’s dinner very special and tasty with perfectly fresh foods which are waiting for you! You can freshen your kitchen with perfectly chosen Australian Lamb’s Mid Loin Chops, you can show your kitchen art to your loved ones or family in this New Year’s Day! It would be great opportunity for yourselves that would show yourselves as a great cook to them. It would be great in oven with potatoes, it would be also simple for yourselves, you will have more time to prepare for celebrations! Lamb’s tastiest part is available for your in Woolworths! Do not miss this great opportunity for your new year’s night dinner!

If you are looking for something really special for this new year’s night, sea food would be the best alternative food for yourselves! It would surprise your family or loved ones! You can surprise with one another super tasty food for yourselves! Woolworths offers you large banana prawns for this new year! It would be really healthy food for new year’s night. It would make your dinner very special with its taste and smell. Prawns are the healthiest and tastiest way to eat sea food, you can add some sauces for the people who does not like sea food and you will see, they will enjoy with that!

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