Woolworths New Years Eve Catalogue 30 – 5 Jan 2016

NEW YEARS EVE FESTIVE BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths New Years Eve Catalogue 30 - 5 Jan 2016

If you are preparing very special New year party, all you need is beverage, a lot of beverage! Not only alcohol you need, but also some non alcoholic ones because of preferences and cocktails, there are perfect offers special for you in Woolworths! Coca Cola is the most famous brand in the world, you can drink it alone with joy and also you can make amazingly tasty cocktails with vodka, rum or some scotch, it would make your drink very tasty! Coca Cola is the first beverage on people’s mind because of its popularity and taste, it would be great to make very special cocktails and drink next to food as choosing Coca Cola which in great price that is available in Woolworths special for new year’s week, with saving almost $30!


You can prefer some chips next to Coca Cola, the best duo for movies, or matches as snack! This snacks would cheer you up and calm you down, and you can enjoy the time and make yourself rested. In new year’s night, chips can be life saver because of its great taste and its role on the snacks. You just can buy it and that is it, you do not need to cook or serve specially, this is what makes chips really special and the best! Smith’s potato chips are available in Woolworths special for you it is in great price!


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