Woolworths Non-Food Deals 24 – 30 Jun 2020

Men’s personal care products, hair care for ladies, and other health and beauty category products are a part of the Woolworths Non-Food Deals 24 – 30 Jun. Woolworths Non-Food Deals 24 - 30 Jun 2020Find these products on pg 33-38. More of Woolworths health and beauty category has even a separate catalogue. Plenty of half prices will be good for your budget. Some of the personal care products might be expensive. I always suggest you seek a good deal to shop for them. Browse new products of Bulldog, which is a brand of high-quality men’s personal care products. Original blades, bamboo razor, and more new shaving kits or products for men can be seen on pg 33. They look cool, too. Some men like to keep stuff that looks manly in their bathroom vanity. Explore some Woolworths Catalogue deals regarding these new products:

Standard products of a personal care category such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and half prices are also viewable in this part of the catalogue. Take care of your skin with anti-ageing products. Revitalift, roll on deodorant, and cleansing products are also on sale this week. Never miss out anything with a free subscription to the newsletter. Some of Woolworths non-food deals 24 – 30 Jun can be seen in the list below:

Nutritional supplements and wellness products:

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