Woolworths Online Catalogue Grocery Deals 28 Aug – 3 Sep 2019

Father’s Day deals of this Woolworths online catalogue will be valid for one week. Use the catalogue to look for the possibilities of savings on your favourite grocery, pantry, fresh produce, meat, deli items. More categories are also available in the catalogue this week. Starting on Wednesday you can shop half-price Tasmanian Heritage brie or camembert. See the deal on the first page. Buy Toblerone 360g chocolate for only $5. Woolworths online specials are new deals on household product and frozen food on pg 2-3. Woolworths Catalogues can be great tools to save time and money. If you don’t have much time to cook everyday, these frozen foods might be helpful in the preparation for a nice meal at dinner time. Ingham’s frozen chicken breast tenders will cost $4. You can also buy McCain super fries at a lower price this week.
Look for the half-price deals of products from various categories. Half-price is a very clean deal unlike multiple-buy deals. Woolworths half-price sale is always in these catalogues. There is no week passed without a half-price deal on similar products to the ones on pg 4-5.

Woolworths Father’s Day Brunch

Make a great table of brunch on Sunday for the whole family but particularly for Dad. Favourite products of customers of Woolworths are available with prices dropped on pg 6&7. Croissant, Nutella spread, Moccona, Heinz baked beans, and more products are in the range of discounted products. Alternatively, prepare lunch for them. Woolworths simply cook butterflied lamb leg will cost $20/kg. Alternative products are also available on pg 8-9. Woolworths gifts for Fathers day are a part of the catalogue as well. You can buy chocolate boxes, Lindt’s special products, and men’s personal care items. Classic gifts but always effective for days like Father’s Day.

Father’s Day gifts:

As you probably know Jamie Oliver recently release a new book called Veg. If you want to go vegetarian nowadays, It seems to be showing tasty food recipes that are meat-free. Not only for vegetarians but for everybody it might be a good guide to get ideas for what to cook.

Woolworths Pantry, Bakery, Fruit&Veg Sales

I recommend you to see 100% Aussie fruits and veg, finest deals on the pantry range, restock deals and half-price chances from these categories of Woolworths online catalogue grocery sale. Starting on Wednesday, you can shop many alternatives. L’OR Capsules, Nescafé blend 43, and more coffee products are great products of pantry sale. Vegemite will cost $5.20 which is $1.30 cheaper. Buy Bertolli oil for 30% cheaper price at Woolworths stores.

Woolworths Meat, Seafood, Deli Deals

The deals on meat and seafood products are viewable on pg 20-21. You can find bag&bake products that are really practical and time-saving to cook. Barramundi is one of the most popular foods in Australia. If you want to prepare a dinner meal with barramundi, I recommend you to see this part of the catalogue for the deal on barramundi fillets skin on. As the summer is approaching fish & chips will be again popular in the beaches. Shop deli meat on this Woolworths Catalogue online. Get your grocery products delivered to you.

Woolworths Frozen Food Deals

Ice cream variety, frozen food, TV dinners, prawn, and dairy products are in the fridge&frozen category of the Woolworths online catalogue sale. Chobani Greek yoghurt, Kraft singles, and Bega cheese are also in this part of the catalogue. Woolies has a sufficient range for most people looking for a good deal on dairy products.

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