Woolworths Pantry Specials Catalogue 27 – 2 Feb 2016

PANTRY SALE BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Pantry Specials Catalogue 27 - 2 Feb 2016

Make your coffee times much more special with Woolworths special offers for you this week! You can enjoy your coffee with Gloria Jeans Coffee Capsules, which will help you to make perfect coffees, this is really smart idea to have those capsules because all capsules will have an amazing quality of coffee, so you do not need to make your coffees with a spoons or some scales. Just dip those capsules into water and enjoy your perfect coffee! Also Gloria Jeans is known brand which makes amazing coffees for it customers. So you do not need to think twice to have it in your home. Amazing Coffee Capsules are avaliable for you in Woolworths this week! Do not miss this perfect opportunity!

 You can have some chocolate bars to make your coffee pleasure much more increased. In Woolworths , Mars Chocolate Bar is available for you with its amazing price and tastes! You can enjoy this bars with its amazing taste with your coffee. It sounds amazing! Chocolate bars are the best with coffees as everyone knows, you can make your coffee times much better with those delicious bars! Perfect offers are waiting for you in Woolworths! Mars Medium Bars are only in its half price in Woolworths! Amazing chance for you to stock your snacks in your home.

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