Woolworths Prices Better Than Half Prices Catalogue Sale

Woolworths Catalogue February 2015 is full of prices better than half prices on the first section we come across when we first open the catalogue to start browsing. Woolworths Prices Better Than Half Prices Catalogue SaleSee full sale of Woolworths featuring meat, seafood, and other great products like bakery, breakfast. Half priced products on the first pages of the catalogue are mixed product range.
Woolworths Online February catalogue is focused on the deals. Great deals for chicken, cheese, toast bread and deli products can be seen on new catalogue.
Woolworths offers these prices for these products:
* Riviana Basmati Rice 5 kg, $9.97 each pg; 4
* Australian carrot, $0.95
* Golden Crumpets round pk 6, $1.50
* Danish Fetta, from Deli, $7.60 pg; 5
* Castello White cheese 150g, $3.50


One of the most popular range of Woolworths for the catalogues. Please go to pg; 6&7 for soft drink varieties, snacks like Snickers, chips and similar.Woolworths easter february 2015
* Smith’s multipacks, pk 20, $5 pg; 6
* Mars medium bars, $0.97
* Kettle Chips or Kettle Chunky, 2 for $6
* Oreo cookies, $2
Beverage and chips:
* Doritos Corn Chips or Smith’s chips, 2 for $5
* Pepsi Max, 2 for $3
* Gatorade sports drink, 600 ml, 2 for $4


See new Easter chocolates. Bunny chocolates and Easter eggs are featured on new Woolworths Catalogue. Lindt is among the brands featured. And cheap cheap specials provide a suitable price range for average budgets.
* Cadbury Egg Bags, 2 for $7 pg; 8
* Cadbury Dairy milk bunny, 80g, $2.95
* Lindt Hens, 35g, $2.50 pg; 9
* Lindt Hen & Eggs, 140g, $9.50
* Mars Egg Bags, 2 for $7
* Nestle Smarties Hen House, $10
* Woolworths Select mini chocolate Easter eggs, $3.50 pg; 9.


New cheap cheap specials are viewable with largest scope on pg; 16&17. See most of the products of cheap cheap specials on these pages.
* Nanna’s Frozen Fruit pies, 600g, $3 pg; 16
* McCain Superfries, 1kg, $3
* Weight Watchers frozen meals, $3.50 pg; 17
* Ingham Frozen chicken breast tenders, 400g, $5

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