Woolworths Snack Prices 16 – 22 Oct 2019 | Catalogue Products

First of all, I think you need to be aware of that Aussie holiday deal. Buying 3 eligible products will get you a chance to win that holiday. It’s been around for some time now. This week’s important deals are back to school sale, half-price supermarket products, 30% off online only pet supplies with 3x rewards, and the specials. Obviously, Woolworths Catalogue is a useful publication to track these deals at once. Platters and party foods are popular right now at Woolies. However, I think you should see Woolworths snack prices on the catalogue, too. Because the catalogue starts with showing the half-price deals on ice cream and beverage packs. However, you should go to pg 4-5 to see the core of the snack sale. Buy chocolate, candies, soda, and energy drinks for the catalogue prices. Woolworths Halloween sale is also something to be seen in the content. I recommend you to subscribe to this page if you are really interested in deals and catalogues. We send emails and notifications when you subscribe for free.

Half-price deals on snacks:

You can find much more snack-like food at half prices or better than half prices in this catalogue. Frozen food range is a great example of that.

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