Woolworths Snack Sale 11 – 17 Mar 2020

Woolworths Snack Sale 11 - 17 Mar 2020Sports drinks, classic soda brands we love, and new prices of popular potato chips are possibly interesting items for everyone on Woolworths Catalogue. You can buy Monster energy drink 500mL for $2.75 only at Woolies. Sometimes these catalogues have brand-specific deals. For example, this week you can save 40% off Kettle products this week. Chilli, honey soy chicken, sweet potatoes, and more type of chips of Kettle are viewable on pg 9. Have a look at the new savings on snacks and chocolate products on pg 10, too. Details of half-price savings regarding the products like Sour Patch, Cadbury dairy milk, Mars medium sharepacks, and KitKat are available in this part of the catalogue.

Moreover, a prize is waiting for you for your purchases. You can get a home entertainment system worth $6K or tickets to Tokyo 2020. Buy 2 selected Coca-Cola products and scan your Woolworths Rewards to get a chance for those tickets. Check out some items from Woolworths Snack Sale 11 – 17 Mar:

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