Woolworths Snack Sale 12 – 18 Feb 2020 | Catalogue Sale

Woolworths Snack Sale 12 - 18 Feb 2020You can find your favourite snacks and drinks on this week’s Woolworths Catalogue and some of them are half-price deals. If you like to buy a lot of snacks chances are good you are a customer of Woolworths. Check these catalogues regularly to hear from such deals on popular snacks. With these deals, you will be able to buy Oreo cookie for only half price which is $1 for its 133g pack. If you are looking for chocolates or candies as treats for Valentine’s Day, I recommend you to visit pg 2-3. Cadbury products like dairy milk gift box may be a good idea to be your gift this year. Plus, you will be able to find some rose bouquets on the same part of the Woolworths Catalogue. Lindt Lindor cornet will cost half as well. You can buy it for only $10 at Woolies. From Woolworths Snack Sale 12 – 18 Feb:

More snacks for your nights in:

Beverage deals :

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