Woolworths Snack Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar 2020 | Woolworths Catalogue

Woolworths Snack Sale 26 Feb - 3 Mar 2020With buying certain beverage products, you can earn a home entertainment system that is worth $6K. And that’s not a one-time thing at Woolworths. Every week, there will be a new winner. These are already popular soft beverages like Coca-Cola and Mount Franklin. You have also options for sports drinks like Gatorade, Red Bull Energy Drink, and more on the next page. One of the important things about the Woolworths Snack Sale 26 Feb is the half-price sale. Twisties, Cheetos, Mars, V8, and more products are going to be available for half prices. Good old classic Pringles will cost only $2 with that half-price deal. A new product is being introduced and promoted on pg 22; belVita bites. These are dark choc chip bites with an introductory price of $3/ea. In this Woolworths snacks sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar, you will find a lot of more items. It’s possibly one of the best major supermarket snack sales at the moment for this week. These are from Woolworths Catalogue:

½ prices only:

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