Woolworths Snacks 19 – 25 Feb 2020 | Catalogue Deals

Woolworths Snacks 19 - 25 Feb 2020 | Catalogue DealsCompared to previous weeks this year, Woolworths has a bigger snack sale and they offer not only classic snacks but some enjoyable foods like sausages or wafer crackers. The first part of Woolworths Catalogue contains a snack sale. The most popular junk food must be potato chips all around the world. Mostly, your favorite chips won’t let you down if you want an enjoyable night with enough snacks around. Gourmet sausage varieties, Chris’ dips, bread rolls, and more products are available on pg 2-3. Three versions of Bega cheese at $8-$9 can be found on pg 4. When it comes to snacks and shopping for them, I think the elementary part of a sale is a half-price sale. If there is that, people tend to buy in bulks and save more. The main goal of most catalogues is to promote multiple-buy offers. For example, Mars or Snickers bags on pg 5 will cost half this week. You can save $2.30 on that item. Similarly, more products highlighted there will cost half.

These from Woolworths Snacks 19 – 25 Feb 2020:

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