Woolworths Snacks 22 – 28 Jan 2020 | CC’s, Twisties, Ritz

Woolworths Snacks 22 - 28 Jan 2020Cool snacks and beverage deals in this Woolworths Catalogue. You can save on CC’s, Twisties, Ritz, Jack Link, Gatorade, and many more products in the section of Woolworths Snacks 22 – 28 Jan 2020. Coca-Cola is also on sale this week. Buy classic coke 2L for $2.10 and save $.75. Considering you are shopping for the whole family, that’s a good discount for bulk shopping. Some new products have also been introduced. Woolworths Catalogue introduces Smith’s Crinkle cut chips new flavour on pg 18. Try lamington crinkle chips which will be around probably for a while. These products are usually made for only a limited time and the catalogue also suggest that the availability is only possible when stocks last. Don’t forget to see the latest deals on Vege chips, too. They will cost half this week.

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