Woolworths Snacks 24 – 30 Jun 2020 Big Night In

Gather your gear for a big night in.Woolworths Snacks 24 - 30 Jun 2020 Big Night In Explore the half-price deals on Woolworths Catalogue and get a chance to win a big prize. You can receive a prize that is worth $8000. A new winner every day at Woolies. Shop exclusive deals. Tostitos, Coca-Cola, Kit Kat, frozen foods, ice cream, Pringles chips, and more products are all in the participating range. Come across with these deals on pg 11-14. You can also see some of these snacks on the first page. Moreover, the participating products are not only snacks but also they are some of the pantry categories. See all of them on Woolworths Snacks 24 – 30 Jun 2020 catalogue pages. Remember you need to buy 3 of them to get a chance for winning.

More of Woolworths Snacks 24 – 30 Jun participating:

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