Woolworths Snacks Catalogue 16 – 20 Jan 2016

SNACK GUIDE ! Woolworths Snacks Catalogue 16 - 20 Jan 2016

Woolworth’s products are coming with the high quality of products. First of all the people who love the chocolate. Nutella is coming with the Woolworths. Everybody likes chocolate; you just put Nutella on the fried bread. You can prepare also very delicious waffles and add some fruits too. Nutella  759 gram is just $ 6.50 each one. You can not miss this price. Also if you buy Nutella you will earn free personalized school labels for free. For the kids who pick what to eat. They will love to eat this. Uncle Tobys O & G Granola 380 – 450 gram milo clusters’ price just went down. For the kid’s meals or breakfasts Milo Nestle is coming by Woolworth’s quality. It is just $ 4 each one.

I can see some people who check the list and looking for fish. It is coming with the Woolworths quality product. Sirena tuna in oil Italian style fish is just $7 for 4 peace’s. If you buy the tuna you can prepare some salad with tuna, or tuna pasta like Italian style. Whatever you buy, you will have the free personalized labels for the back to school. The fresh food for the people. By the Woolworth’s high quality



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