Woolworths Snacks Catalogue 30 – 5 Jan 2016

WOOLWORTHS SNACKS Woolworths Snacks Catalogue 30 - 5 Jan 2016

It is the new year’s party time! Its time to make your new years day and night very special with amazing food and snacks! You can make unique cocktails with a lot of varieties which are available in Woolworths special for you! It would make your new year’s party very good and fun, also would make you feel special with these amazing cocktails! If you are planning to enjoy with rum, we strongly recommend you to drink with Pepsi Max, its reduced sugar would make rum tastier and make you feel better because it will be less sugary because of as known, rum is made buy sugar plant. Pepsi Max pack with 12 cans are avialable in Woolworths to make you enjoy this new year’s night with amazing cocktails!

Natural snacks are the most important and the most beautiful types of snacks, because its not only tasty but also healthy because of its natural ingredients, you can enjoy with them more with feeling safe and better! Kettle offers you amazing chips which is made by sea salt, that is totally natural! As known, chips companies were always blamed because of its unhealthiness, but Kettle offers you a perfect solution for your needing for healthy chips for yourselves! Special for new year, you can buy 2 and pay 1 in Woolworths! All amazing things are waiting for you in Woolworths in this New year!

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