Woolworths Snacks Catalogue Sale 4 – 10 Sep 2019

The first parts of two major grocery catalogues are snack sales. If you like to watch AFL games, you might want to check out the snack range not just because it’s fun to keep some snacks around while watching, but Woolworths Catalogue has a decent price range for all of these products. Buy snacks like Cherry ripe, Cadbury dairy milk, McViti’s digestives, and more snacks at half prices. Woolworths snacks have a lot of half prices this week. One of the new products that appear in this catalogue is a mini coke pack. Coca-Cola classic mini 20x250mL will be $16.50. Even though sugary things taste really good and make us happy, I recommend you to reduce sugar as much as you can. High GI foods make your body store the excessive glycogen store as fat. It’s indirectly related but you have to be careful when you think you eat more than you consumed during a day. You can buy Pepsi Max 1.25L for only $1.20 this week at Woolworths stores. Remedy Kombucha, V Energy Drink, Bickfords cordial, and more brands of beverages are possible to spot in the latest catalogue.
Also, don’t forget to see the pantry category of the catalogue where you may find a lot of snack-like foods.

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