Woolworths Special Easter Catalogue 16 – 22 Mar 2016


Woolworths Special Easter Catalogue 16 - 22 Mar 2016Easter is soon, you have only two weeks for getting an advantage from Woolworths’ special sales for yourselves! There are amazing opportunities which will be really good solution for everyone. Easter sales are awaiting your visitation in this week. Cheer your kids up with amazing prices, perfect treats for Easter holiday are available for you! Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Bunny chocolate is available with only $4 per each, you will save $3,50 with every single purchase! It is amazing idea for everyone, in Woolworths stores, you would enjoy with your shopping times. Add these perfect treats into your shopping list. You can find a lot of offers which would be perfectly suitable for you. You could find perfect breakfast grains that would be great idea for instant and nutritious morning meals. In this catalogue, you can find perfect suggestions which will make your life a lot easier and better with its perfect quality products. You can enjoy with your instant breakfast with Kellogg’s Coco Pops and Nutri – Grain ! It would be perfect if you have no time or mood for cooking breakfast! You can enjoy with those perfect offers which costs only $5 per each, with excessive saving!


If you are looking for some tasty suggestions from Woolworths, you can enjoy with perfect prices and delicious offers which are available for you in this week. You can taste amazing Hot Cross Bun Varieties with several packs options are available for your purchase in this week. You can purchase it with $6,50 for any 2 packs! It would be great! You can make your rush hours much tastier with amazing chances! Woolworths are ready to brighten your days! Find the best options for your appettite with Woolworths’ perfect ideas special to you. Visit the stores for finding the best options!

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