Woolworths Special Offers Catalogue 1 – 6 Jan 2016

SPECIAL OFFERS BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Special Offers Catalogue 1 - 6 Jan 2016

Check out Woolwhorts’ latest catalogue for snacks, drink and more. We have special offers for many products. Shop Woolworths online and get the same prices as in a store. The prices are frozen. Now we have an incredible offer for the products of Coca Cola. Buy any Coca Cola variety with 30 in a pack and get a Coca Cola variety with 10 in a pack. Save a lot and enjoy Coca Cola longer. Also get 2 packs of Pepsi, Solo, Sunkit or Schweppes with 24 in a pack and pay only $28. LA Ice and Tru Blu Soft Drink varieties are also at discount. If you’re a juice lover, we suggest you to try Berri Juice. Now this delicious product is half price. For more drinks, take a look at our catalogue.

2 products of Thins, CC’s or Natural Chips Company for $5. These economic and delicous products are on sale at Woolworths.  Also you can get 2 packs of Red Rock Deli Potato Chips and save a lot. Beside chips, we are offering great discounts for sweets. Cadbury Medium Bars and Europe Bars ar half price. Also we suggest you to try Cadbury Dairy Milk Blocks and Arnott’s assorted cream biscuits. Visit Woolworhts to enjoy these delicious products.

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