Woolworths Special Offers Catalogue 23 – 29 Dec 2015

SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE IN WOOLWORTHSWoolworths Special Offers Catalogue 23 - 29 Dec 2015

Christmas is even better with drinking chilly beverages with your whole family! You can enjoy this Christmas while sitting next to Christmas tree, it would make family ties stronger and better. In Woolworths there are amazing offers for you to make you choose amazing drinks for yourselves. In hot weather in Australia, cold beverages can be the best idea for this Christmas period to make it feel better in it. There are a lot of amazing offers from Woolworths special for this Christmas to you in this Christmas! It would make you happy and chilly after buying these perfect beverages for your perfect Christmas! Make your Christmas Meetings really special with Woolworths’ amazing offer for drinking ideas!

Having some healthy drink would be really great to make you feel better and keep you in form. Diets unforgettable helper, coconut juice is available in Woolworths special for you! It has amazing price with Christmas, so it is the time to show its taste to your family, and encourage them to drink these kind of healthy drinks as you! Coconut Juice is super tasty and super healthy, that can make you feel like you already ate a perfect healthy food! It is light that makes you feel good about your diets and will show its amazing results on your body and health!

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