Woolworths Special Snacking Time 3 – 9 Feb 2016

WOOLWORTHS SNACKING TIME OPPORTUNITIES Woolworths Special Snacking Time 3 - 9 Feb 2016

Red Spot sales are still available in Woolworths, there are a lot of options for you to buy with the great prices from the stores ! You can find Thins chips in Woolworths with the half price, so you can enjoy with 2 packs of chips with its one pack price! It is great offer to have amazing days with your friends and family! Thins Original Chips are available in Woolworths for making your days much more chilly and beautiful with its perfect taste. Do not miss this perfect opportunity which will make your days much more beautiful with its great taste and price. Thins Original is the most loved chips in its brand, and it is in great price! Do not miss this tasty opportunity for yourselves from Woolworths! Enjoy your days with tasty snacks! Woolworths gives you an amazing chance!

 The best beverage with chips is Coca Cola as everyone approves. You can find Coca Cola, and Coca Cola Zero 30 packs with $13.70 save! It is amazing opportunity that you can have your Coca Cola with the best prices in Australia! There is no need to talk about Coca Cola’s taste and quality, just we can suggest you to buy in Woolworths because of its amazing sale! Perfect chance for you! Enjoy your last days of summer with Woolworths special offers!


ENJOY YOUR CHIPS! https://www.catalogueau.com/woolworths/#catalogue=woolworths/woolworths-catalogue-3-feb-2016/

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