Woolworths Specials 2 – 7 Jan 2020 | Grocery, Pantry, Breakfast

Woolworths Specials 2 - 7 Jan 2020 | Grocery, Pantry, BreakfastGet a $10 off your next online order with the code DEC10 until 5th Jan 2020. Visit woolworths.com.au to save with that code. A new Woolworths Catalogue is browsable today. Take a look at the new range of fresh fruits, Australian grown fresh products, summer’s yummy ice cream, and food in general. For example, you can buy gourmet sausage, chicken kebab, marinated wing varieties, and more meat or chicken on pg 4-5. If you want to prepare a plate with the best fresh products and juicy alternatives, you got the grapes, tomatoes, blueberries, and similar sort of fruit & veg deals from the Woolworths specials sale on pg 6&7. The new sale also covers a considerable amount of deals on seafood like salmon. Start the first week of a new year with quality food and sea products, although not as tasty as meat or chicken, in my opinion, can be a good alternative. Quite popular in the Aussie kitchen. Buy prawns for $29 kg on pg 8. Woolworths specials 2 – 7 Jan deals are a nice start for a new year.

Woolworths Pantry Sale, Fridge Food, and Back To School

Check out frozen food and fridge products and refill your stock of food for the whole family at lower prices. Woolworths Catalogue also gives advice for what to cook with the simple meal recipes of woolworths.com.au. Visit pg 14 for the details of the 4-ingredient meal quick chicken skewers. If you are a fan of the frozen foods like Four’N Twenty products, I recommend you to browse pg 15 for the details of deals on some of the best products there. Woolies has dairy goods including yoghurt, milk, and cheese on the next part. The everyday low price range of some items, coffee, breakfast cereals, and more are viewable and shoppable on pg 15-22.

Breakfast cereals and Kellogg’s:

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