Woolworths Specials Catalogue 17 Jun 23 Jun 2015

Woolworths Specials Catalogue 17 Jun 23 Jun 2015 range of products is again creating us a brilliant options of high quality products. Woolworths Specials Catalogue 17 Jun 23 Jun 2015This includes packed food, fresh food, snacks, confectionery, chocolate, coffee, deli products, dairy products, household needs with perfect pricing of Woolworths online catalogue. Woolworths Australia discounts will make your shopping easier, joyful and profitable. If you are in lack of food at your house visit any Woolworths store nearest to your accommodation without any doubt. To discover products you can view the full range of Woolworths Catalogue on the preview page.


Coca Cola packs, some beverage and chocolate variety including half prices pg; 2-3.
Three bean Tim Tam and Coca Cola Life on pg; 4-5.
Coffee and chocolate variety can be seen on pg; 7. (Moccona Coffee at $7)
Breakfast products featuring nice prices for cereals on pg; 9.
Packed food products such as sun rice, meal kits, and sauces pg; 10.

Read the recipe of Kan Thong Thai green chicken curry on pg; 11. This quick and delightful recipe will save your time !

Woolworths Canned soup variety

Canned soups are also really good options for quick lunch or dinner. When you are really hungry this can save you a little time. Check out the prices of Campbell’s country landle or chunky soups on pg; 12.
Also more canned and packed food products, meals are available in the catalogue. Easy&delicious meals in pg; 15 are excellent examples of the aisle of packed food&meals of Woolworths Catalogues.

Indian and Thai meals packed $7 ea pg; 15
Basmati rice or Woolworths jasmine rice $2.50 ea
Samoas, pakoras $5 ea pg; 15
Weight watchers frozen meals $4 pg; 16
Steggles frozen chicken breast fingers 400g $4
McCain pizza toasties $5.50
Heinz steam fresh veg $2.80
Streets Magnum kisses 300 mL $3.99 pg; 17
Dr Oetker ristorante pizza $5

Woolworths Personal Care Items and Household Items

From pg; 18 you can see new prices of personal care products. Also household products like laundry detergents, liquids and soap etc. are sale within this catalogue’s price range.
Rexona deo, Palmolive shower gel, pg; 18
Pantene shampoo, Listerine freshburst pg; 19

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