Woolworths Spring Water Catalogue 13 – 19 Jan 2016

SPRING WATER VARIETIES Woolworths Spring Water Catalogue 13 - 19 Jan 2016

Woolworths comes with the always best and low price. We guarantee that, will be always sharing on this catalogues the best and low prices. You will not need to hesitate to buy anything. First of the product comes with the some drinks. We all need some liquids on these days. Every day we should drink water at least 3-4 liter. So we need to prepare ourselves for it. Because our body consists of water 3 / 4. And if we care ourselves we will be healthy forever. If we stay away from the bad liquids and drink the waters, some aroma flavored liquids. It will be better for us. Pepsi, Schweppes varieties 1.25 liter comes out with the $ 1.38 for each one. And the water which is the most important thing in our life. Mount franklin lightly sparkling water and varieties 1.25 liter just $ 3 for each one.

For the other varieties, we are offering our customers to some Lipton Ice Tea 500ml with peach, lemon or mango. Other variety is Powerade Sports drink for who do work out. And other water brands come with the Woolworths quality. Pure natural raw coconut water and Evian water comes and just $ 99 for each one.

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