Woolworths Star Wars Specials Catalogue 2 – 8 Dec 2015

WOOLWORTHS STAR WARS SOUL Woolworths Star Wars Specials 2 - 8 Dec 2015

Star Wars is on stage! Choose if you are in dark side or light side in Woolworths! There are lots of Star Wars products which are waiting for you here. They are limited in stocks, do not be late! If you or your loved ones are a coffee or tea lover, you can buy yourself or them Star Wars mug! You can choose dark side as Darth Vader mug, or light side as Stormtrooper with your mug and show to people! It is perfectly shaped, so you will not spoil your coffee or tea! If you want to buy speakers, and also a fan of Star Wars, here Woolworths has Star Wars themed speakers, which are only $15! Do not miss the most amazing chance this summer!


USB Flash Drivers of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper are also available in Woolworths, it is 8 GB’s and worth to buy! It would be perfect gift to yourselves for this Christmas. Would be amazing for you, such unforgettable Christmas! If you want to buy some figurines of Star Wars, Titan figure is available in Woolworths! If you have kid and you want them to teach hygiene issues, Star Wars dental tidy gift set is available in Woolworths. With that, you can teach your kid to create dental tidiness hobby with pleasure. Also for hygiene, you can check Star Wars sponge set also! Show your crazy fan love to Star Wars, hurry up! It is available until stocks will be lasted! Do not miss it!


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