Woolworths Summer Specials Catalogue 13 – 19 Jan 2016

SUMMER ESSENTIALS Woolworths Summer Specials Catalogue 13 - 19 Jan 2016

Ice cream is amazing in summer time chilling times! It would make you really happy and calm with their taste and its amazing feeling. Ice creams are the most loved foods in the world, from babies to elderly people, ice cream is one of the most favourite food or snack in our lives because of its amazing taste and its perfectly healthy made icy milk ingredients. In Woolworths you can buy amazing 2 times 6 packs of Mars, Snickers or Bounty ice creams in only $9! It is really amazing offer from Woolworths to you! Enjoy your perfect rush times with super tasty ice creams which are waiting for you in Woolworths with their perfect price. You can enjoy with those ice creams and you do not need to think about calories or something more!

 If you like cup ice creams, Streets Blue Ribbon varieties’ prices are dropped special for you in Woolworths! You can afford this amazing ice cream with its perfect price! Enjoy with your ice cream nights with your favourite movies! It was $8 in November but now it is just $4,90! It is great difference which would make you feel special while tasting it! Woolworths are waiting for you with its very famous and special offers to you!


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