Woolworths Telstra Essential Smartphone $59 September 2019

If you are familiar with the Woolworths Catalogues you should know about the low costs of mobile services and products of this store. Usually, you can find a cheap phone whether it’s a smartphone or not. Two new Telstra smartphones are being introduced on this catalogue. While the standard shelf price of Telstra essential is $79, you will be able to buy it for $59 at Woolworths. Telstra Essential doesn’t creat wonders for you but it can do some decent job being your new smartphone. If you have been seeking a good deal on a phone, perhaps this is the one for you. 5.0″ screen is pretty standard but the camera is only 5MP. Most phones have much better resolution cameras. It operates on Android OS. Notice that this phone may not be available in all Woolworths Stores. Currently,I am browsing the one for postcode “2000”. Also, you should know that Telstra phones only work with Telstra SIM Card. There is a limit of 1 for this Telstra essential smartphone. Even cheaper phones and half-price deals on smartphones are available on pg 30. Click on the products to buy them on woolworths.com.au. This post contains affiliate links.

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