Woolworths Telstra Lite $19 Half-Price Deal Sep 2019

If you are going to a place where smartphones are not allowed you can choose Telstra Lite which is one of the simplest forms of the phone concept of the 21st century. Telstra Lite is also a good phone for where you don’t prefer to carry your smartphone. Or you just simply don’t want to own a smartphone so you go with this one. Basically, call, send SMS, use Bluetooth to send files or connect your car, and enjoy FM Radio of this phone. 2.4″ screen which is very small compared to modern phones. Don’t get me wrong this is also a modern phone but it’s that smart. In fact, it’s smart enough given the tasks expected of it. Know that you can only buy 1 of these since there is a limit. Also, Woolworths Telstra Lite deal is the half-price saving this week. Buy this phone at that catalogue price until 24 Sep. More mobile deals and services are available on the latest Woolworths Catalogue:

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