Woolworths Turkey Sale Christmas 11 – 17 Dec 2019 on New Catalogue

You have a lot of options for Christmas using the latest Woolworths Catalogue when planning your shopping trip. Most products are shoppable online, too. The delivery system of Woolworths is sophisticated and they can bring your stuff in a short time. You can directly shop a selection of hundreds of products for Christmas. Woolworths turkey sale is viewable on pg 2-3. Turkey is one of the traditional foods along with the Christmas hams in this time of the year. The promoted products from this range peaks in November and December. Buy macro free-range fresh whole turkey priced at $10 this week. You may find glazed turkey, half leg hams, side dishes, and more on the same pages. Subscribe to the category for more deals like Woolworths Turkey Sale Christmas Sale 11 – 17 Dec.

In Australia, seafood is also an important part of the festive dinner tables. Prawns, salmon, barracuda, and lobster tails are among the promoted products on the Woolworths Catalogue 11 – 17 Dec. For example, buy jumbo cooked prawns 500g priced at $20/kg.

Check out these Christmas products and treats on the first part of this catalogue:

Woolworths turkey sale:

Treats and chocolate:

Seafood including prawns and barracuda:

Woolworths Offers Deli and Party Foods

Side dishes of a table are as much important as the main food. If you want to create a table of a feast, you might want to check out the price range for deli meat, frozen foods, meat, and bakery products in which you can use some products creatively. Also, Woolworths shares some easy dinner recipes that can be made with only few ingredients.

Meat, deli, and bakery:

Also, more turkey choices are available in this catalogue. Some people prefer frozen turkeys from the supermarkets like Woolies. You can buy one for the prices on pg 14. Ingham’s frozen turkey will cost $7.50/kg at Woolworths. Moreover, find glaze, jelly, sauces, and similar products to improve the taste of your turkey meat. Woolworths has a big range of Christmas treats, snacks, and soft beverages, too.

Shop Pantry Products and Breakfast Food at Woolworths This Week

Check out coffee prices and new deals including a half-price sale on pg 20-21 of this catalogue. Nescafe and Moccona coffee will cost half this week. You may also find interesting Christmas baking products with different flavours. For example, buy Lucky Natural Pistachio kernels for an additional taste in your pie.

Woolworths Fridge Food and Frozen Products

They usually have good deals in the frozen section of all Woolworths Catalogues. This week, there are new products and stock-up items, too. Meet Flora plant-based butter block 250g with an introductory price of $2.40.

½ prices in this category: