Woolworths Walt Disney Holidays Last Chance 21 – 27 Aug 2019 Catalogue

116 Woolworths Walt Disney holidays for 4 people will be given when you buy participating products. 4 of them are available for half prices on the cover page of this catalogue. This is the last chance to win this trip to the Walt Disney resort in Florida. Also, a deal is only for this weekend. This weekend, you get 2 entries when you enter your code on Saturday and Sunday. Visit woolworths.com.au/thelionking to enter your code. Buy these products to win this trip:

Woolworths Snack Sale Aug 21 – 27

Browse snack items at half prices in Woolworths Catalogue. The first range of these half-price sale items can be browsed on pg 4. Visit stores or online shop of Woolies to shop these items. Doritos salsa sauce, Coca-Cola 8-pack, and many more products are available in this category. Half-price sale of Woolworths snacks range is also available on pg 6&7. Restock your chips, beverage, candies, biscuits, crackers, etc. on these pages. For example, buy Ritz sandwich for $.75 and save half.

1 thought on “Woolworths Walt Disney Holidays Last Chance 21 – 27 Aug 2019 Catalogue”

  1. interesting when I contacted Woolworths they denied the adds on TV advertising the extra entries in fact they stated their were 3 entries not 2. Why are all the big companies pulling swifties on their competitions. Macdonalds did it recently too.

    Half and hour on the phone to woolworths and 5 different people even the promotions staff didn’t know anything about it and you didn’t get two codes so how do you get the extra entries???

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