Woolworths Winter Home Products 20 – 26 May 2020

Woolworths Winter Home Products 20 - 26 May 2020There are some products you might want to see on Woolworths Catalogue. These are the winter warmers which you can use at home to keep yourself warm. Fluffy slippers for men and women are only $15 at Woolies. You can buy some throws, too. They are quite useful when you lay on your sofa in your living room. It’s good to have something to cover yourself while eating some snacks and watching Netflix. Woolworths can also offer mobile products. If you need a smartphone, pre-paid complete SIM kit or a similar product related to mobile services, check out pg 34 of this catalogue. Woolworths Winter home products are viewable on the same page.

While there are some good deals on household products, my recommendation is to buy them to save on them. You can save $7.50 on a frypan. Although it’s not the top quality frypan, it can do the job and it’s only $17.50 at Woolworths. The deal should be valid tomorrow. In this catalogue, you can see makeup products, personal care, feminine care, beauty products, body care items, laundry care, and more items. Check out some prices of Woolworths Winter Home Products:

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