4 Products To Buy – Bunnings Hand Sanitiser | Protect From COVID-19

Bunnings hand sanitiser deal and more disinfecting products are the essentials to keep yourself clean and your environment free of the Coronavirus are must-see deals of the week. Almost a liter of hand sanitizer of Scotts will cost only $11.38. Professionals that buy heavy-duty tools from this warehouse had been aware of the particles and safety precautions. Another essential is of course, the mask. Bunnings respirator 5 pack N95 mask deal is a good chance to save. Because 5 pack of the product is only $25. These products can particularly be useful at the workplace where you might not find water and soap. Also, if you are a professional working in some sectors like construction, you might already be familiar with N95. People from this industry were already using these masks before the pandemic.

Bunnings hand sanitiser, mask and more deals Jul 2020


The viral infection is not the only thing we must protect. It’s better be safe than sorry. Bacterial infection can also be dangerous and it is also one of the essential things to buy an antibacterial cleaner. In order to make cleaning the surfaces easier, I recommend you to use disinfectant wipes. Check out these 4 essential products and more including Bunnings hand sanitiser deal:

  • Cleaner Hand Scotts 950ml Sanitiser $11.38
  • Oomph Hand Sanitiser 500ml $5.99
  • Cleaner Hand Scotts 1L Sanitiser $11.38
  • KN95 Disposable Respirator 5pk – SOJO $25
  • Simple Green 750ml Antibacterial Cleaner $7.50
  • Mr Clean Antibacterial Disinfectant Wipes – 50 Pack $1.75
  • There is no new Bunnings Catalogue yet.

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