Acer Aspire Z5751 Review 2017

Acer, the famous computer manufacturer, draws attention to its high-end and price-performance products it releases in every segment. Acer, which has continued its output in recent years, aims to gain more control over the market by expanding its product range.

Acer Aspire Z5751 Review 2017

Today’s old habits change gradually as technology improves and computer parts shrink. In the past, while looking at desktop computers with pleasure, staying in a place now bother us. The fact that portable devices such as tablets, netbooks and notebooks can reach very high sales figures proves this view. There are also different trends on the desktop computers. We can use the computer boxes we call Nettop in our halls under HDTV, and we can make a download computer. Finally the All in One computer …

The all-in-one computers we have become accustomed to seeing by Apple are now being offered to the market by other manufacturers. Usually, all in one model, mobile video card and processor use is common. Even though it is more useful in terms of heat, size and power consumption, it is true that mobile products are slower in performance than the parts produced for the desktop.

The All in One model has a non-mobile platform processor and graphics card. Hosting the Core i5 650 processor, which we are used to seeing in normal systems, is a big plus. The 3.2 GHz processor supports Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost technologies. While the dual-core processor can run virtually quad-core, it can boost speed up to 3.46 GHz with Turbo Boost. The 32-nm technology produces 73 watts of power.

The processor is quite powerful even for desktop systems, a powerful processor for All in One. HD 5570, one of the entry level products of the HD 5000 family with DX 11 support, produced by AMD with 40 nm production technology. Having a GPU that is stronger than the HD 3870, announced as the mid-high segment in 2007, proves to us how much technology has improved.

The HD 5570 offers satisfying performance in previous DX 10 games in the last 2-3 years, while DX 11 games are easy to play in the middle details. Sapphire-based HD 5570, 400 parallel processor units and 8 ROP units are offered. The graphics card with a 128-bit memory interface has 1 GB of DDR 3 memory. The Aspire Z5751 with a 23-inch touchscreen is quite large and heavy. A mat coating was used on the sides of the screen. At the bottom of the screen are built-in speakers.

It is a fact that the built-in speakers have a very rough appearance at the bottom. Speakers that appear to have a negative effect are not successful in terms of sound. The rear part is also quite thick and fails in terms of design. The rear foot is opening quite hard. We see a small case in the back outlets. It could have been more successful in terms of design. Also not practical as a place to use.

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