ALDI Bike Specials Catalogue 30- 5 Jan 2016

BIKE SPECIALS BY ALDI ALDI Bike Specials Catalogue 30- 5 Jan 2016

In this catalogue, you can find great offers for bicycles and pools. You can also buy bicycle or pool accessories. In summer one of the best ways to have fun is cycling. Have fun and keep in form. Metro Commuter 700 C Bikes are ideal for everything from a commute, a ride to the shops or even an all-day tour. You can this product for every activity with no trouble. On sale with pannier and mudguards. These product also is available in black or grey. Choose your favourite colour and have a smooth ride. Also Adults Urban Helmets, Bike Pannier Bags, Car Bike Carriers are on sale at ALDI. If you are a bicycle lover, we suggest you to take a look at these special offers. Adults Urban Helmets are designed with removable visor to keep the sunrays or rain at bay. Easy dial adjustment system to fine tune your fit and aid safety. 21 vents for optimum cooling and comfort. These well designed products are only $14.99. You can use bike pannier bags in all conditions. Even in the rain you will have no trouble. It also has reflective piping for safety. Choose from 3 different colours, grey, black or blue. Car Bike Carriers are available in 2 styles. Ball or Hitch Style. Both products carry up to 3 bicycles and their weight limit is 60 kg. Check out both products and choose the one you like.

ALDI has the best offers for bicycle lovers. Enjoy!

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