Aldi Catalogue 10 Oct 2018 | Christmas Treats, Indian Food, Kids’

Among the products, you can buy for Aldi prices on 10 October. Christmas treats is one of the major categories in the deals for 10 October. Lol surprise, Transformers, Disney Princess calendars are effective deals on pg 3. In Christmas treats sale, you have stollen bites, Marzipan Christmas stollen, and more German or European tastes. Aldi Catalogue created a perfect place to find satisfying sweets and goodies, cookies and cakes. A lot of them are featured. Visit pg 4-5 to see all products in this category. Another interesting header from the catalogue is the Indian food. Of course, a lot of spices, tikka masala, butter chicken, and some kitchen ware to cook some good Indian foods. You can take a look at the modern kitchen appliances, cookware, food storage products and healthy ways to make anything happen in your kitchen.

Indian food an kitchenware:

Check out these durable products:

Moreover, the catalogue can help you find a nice clothing deal for kids. Holiday gifts are for playing and learning. The best books must be fun to read and educating. There are many books for kids and they teach them to love animals. Or stories of Paw Patrol, Disney cars, Fisher-Price and more are available.

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