ALDI Catalogue 22 April 2020 | Garden Sale

Only selected ALDI Stores will be open on 25 April. That’s Anzac Day. I recommend you to watch a great movie called “They Shall Not Grow Old” by Peter Jackson, the Australian director of Lord of the Rings. It’s a documentary about WWI with brilliant colored footage. Shop garden products at ALDI next week. On 22 April, you will access to the products like planters, basket hanger, flower steps, and more products. You can change your garden and adopt 80s fashion of gardens. Black metallic holders and parts of patio furniture resemble late 70s, and 80s era. Even in the 90s, this fashion was still very popular. Sometimes we see bistro style gardens of some cafes around the world, particularly in Europe and France. I have been to Paris, and our hotel had a bistro cafe in the ground floor. It was a beautiful cafe and a small hotel. They had a lot of these metallic black lines on most furniture and seats. Subscribe to the newsletter to get more deals like ALDI Catalogue 22 April.

Nostalgia aside, if you should get to work and make your garden cleaner, gear up. ALDI Catalogue offers what you need. Gloves, pruner, mat, and more items are gonna be on sale. Visit pg 4-5 for these items. ALDI Catalogue also activewear for ladies. Buy makeup products, cosmetics, and laundry care chemicals at ALDI stores. ALDI Catalogue 22 April items:

  • Straight or corner flower steps $39.99 pg 2
  • Rattan effect planter $24.99
  • Metal Tea cup planter $14.99
  • Metal garden ornamental plater $19.99
  • Fern planter $9.99
  • 4-way basket hanger $39.99

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking for your garden step $39 , the one in 22 April left anywhere in Melbourne?
    I can’t seem to find any at my local !
    Thank you.

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