Aldi Catalogue 26 December 2018 Outdoor, Car, Camping

Camping essentials like tents, camp accessories, mats, porch, pop up gazebo and more products are available on pg 2-3 of this catalogue. Enjoy the nature of Australia with your family and friends. It’s time to have a fresh air in the best points of the country. Bigger families might need better solutions like Gazebo Tent and accessories. Cooking equipment is an important aspect of the camping activities. They must be stable, non-stick, easy to clean products and the best material for such equipment is of course enamel. You can drop them anywhere, they never break. The worst thing that can happen to them is scratches. Enamel is my favourite type of kitchen and cooking ware. You can find enamelware 31pc that is only $39.99 on 26 December. Browse car care products like hail protection cover, microfibre cloths, tyre shine 500mL and more products on pg 6.

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