ALDI Catalogue 27 April Deals 2019 | Special Buys Week 17

The latest catalogue contains a lot of home appliances. Redesign your kitchen with good-looking and well-performing kitchen appliances like a stainless steel dishwasher. It operates with 6 wash programs and 14 place settings will allow you to wash so many dishes at the same time. Gray home appliances look better than white ones in my opinion. You have gas cooktops, rangehoods, electric oven with 3 year warranty at ALDI on Saturday. Rangehood is so important if you have a small place. The smell of food will go all over the place unless you have one of these. It’s almost like an essential of a kitchen if you are a cooking person.
Not only the vital parts of our daily life are in the special buys catalogue. Find an entertainment section on pg 8-9. Build a decent home cinema system buying 50″ 4K Ultra HD TV priced at $399! Digital antenna, soundbar, and more related products are also in this part of the catalogue.
Renew your backyard with fire pits, gas heater, and gardening products. Some accessories and decoration products for gardens are available on pg 10-13.

Home cinema:

Backyard sale:

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