Aldi Catalogue 27 October 2018 | Grilling, Outdoor, Fishing

Rotisserie kit, BBQ covers, chemicals and essentials of grilling that are on sale at Aldi on Saturday. You have a fantastic high-quality product range to see on pg 12-13 of the latest Aldi Catalogue which is the special buys week 43. If you like to hang out outside of the city, and you need the proper equipment for picnic or camping, Aldi Catalogue has a wonderful sale for you. Cast products, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses and more are gonna be on sale. The premium fishing camp chair comes with a 1-year warranty. Fishing products are also on sale at Aldi stores on Saturday. Visit the store on 27 October to see Shimano fishing rod and reel priced at only $39.99. You can see all prices and deals on pg 14-17. If your passion is for fishing and lowers the expenses a bit more, Aldi is your store this week. Because it also has deals on boat products. Visit pg 18-19 if you have a boat and need boat equipment. Essentials like Adults inflatable PFD, bouyancy vest and more are also available. Follow our Facebook page where we share the updates and the future Aldi Catalogues.

Grills, grilling products and the deals by Aldi Catalogue:

Camping, Picnic, and outdoor products:

Find fishing and boat products on pg 16-17. They have an amazing product range with the best deals.

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