Aldi Catalogue 28 July 2018 | Pet Products, Major Appliance, Laundry

More categories are available on sale on Saturday. Pet products is one of them. Find a nice place for your dog to sleep or cat and dog food variety at Aldi Stores. Toys, enjoyable things and healthy food for your little friend. If you want to replace your old washing machine, there are deals at Aldi Catalogue. Visit Aldi stores on Saturaday to find washing machines, laundry cabinets, base units, and more. Also, laundry products are available at Aldi on Saturday. This is special buys week 30. Cuver small storage baskets, moisture absorber twin pack, pegs and more products are going to be available in this range. Renew your ironing tools. Steam iron, sewing set, washing machine cleaner and more products are on Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 30.

Home Appliances:

Laundry Products:

Ironing Products:

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