ALDI Catalogue 8 May 2019 Deals | Special Buys

ALDI announces its Special Buys Week 19 deals of Caviar skin care and a variety of personal care products, arts, and craft tools, cast aluminum cookware, and healthy snacks like nuts. Lacura is a familiar brand that we see a lot in the ALDI Catalogue. Today, it’s possible to spot a variety of Lacura Caviar skincare items such as anti-wrinkle revolution serum. It will cost only $14.99! Having such products is very convenient and nothing is impossible to achieve with the development of chemistry and medicine these days. Your main aim must be to protect your skin and when you achieve that goal, you will look beautiful no matter what age you are. Protective products are on sale at ALDI stores on 8 May. There is also a discount for Nivea, Tresemm√©, Schick Silk effects, Vaseline, and more items.
ALDI Catalogue has a variety of artist tools like acrylic paint tubes, brushes, markers, easel, and crafting products. These can be perfect Mother’s Day gifts, too. Scrapbooking assortment is gonna cost only $1.99 and there are many more.
Cookware is cast aluminum products at ALDI this week. Cast Aluminum products are better at keeping the heat and capturing it for a longer time than other cookware. People use these usually to cook meat since it requires a higher temperature to be nice and tender. Especially when you want it well done. Don’t forget to see digital air fryer, too. Moreover, ALDI offers dry foods such as pistachios, cashews, mixed nuts, etc. on pg 8-9.

Arts and crafts:

Cast Aluminum Cookware:

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