ALDI Catalogue 9 May 2018 Special Buys Week 19

Aldi Mother’s Day Art Products and UHD TV

Consider replacing your old TV with a new one at a rare price at Aldi Stores. They have a new noteable deal that will enable anyone to buy a new Ultra HD 4K LED TV for only $699. It’s a 65″ TV which is sufficient for most entertainment subjects in my humble opinion. You may encounter this deal in the very first page of the new Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 19 which is currently featured as a preview. The deals are going to be valid on 9 May.

There are other special buys for sure. Make your own entertainment, spend your time efficiently with crafting tools. Aldi has these deals on pg 2-3 on art products. Our day requires skills in everything and developing your own would not harm. If you are interested in art in a professional way, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Mother’s Day Gifts: Personal Care Products

You will have the chance to buy some personal care products including electrical products. Mostly focused on hair care, there are pretty things that I think you would like. Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 19 is a way to reach a good price for your favourites. They are good ideas as Mother’s Day gifts as well.

Cosmetics would play an important role in a woman’s inventory. I doubt someone would dislike a new range by Aldi Catalogue that features an adjustment in the prices of Lacura Caviar products. The skin-care health products are healthy and decent products that a lady would require.

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