ALDI Catalogue Asian Kitchen 25 Jul 2020

Make your own maki, American sushi rolls, Japanese soup, or rice with your rice cooker at home. ALDI Catalogue Asian Kitchen 25 Jul 2020Asian foods from Chinese, Thai, Japanese cuisines, or recipes can be cooked with these appliances. Using the Asian decoration and theme, you can renew your entire kitchen. Wood and patterns of Asian culture have an important role in this look. The style has the vibe of temples we see from the movies. For example, Asian-inspired tableware is a great tool to serve succulent meals like Japanese udon soup. Steamed vegetables will look shiny in large bowls, rice will look tasty and yummy on plates like these. Check out some of them from ALDI Catalogue Asian Kitchen product range:

ALDI Asian Cuisine Ready Meals and Ingredients

Of course, after you bought everything needed for serving delicious Japanese foods, you also need ingredients to cook them. Rice and noodles are the main things but you also need some spices and soy sauce. If you like tea, they have also traditional green tea, and wasabi sauce, too. Personally, I am not a huge fan of wasabi, however, for some, it goes great with nigiri, maki, and similar snack-type foods of Japanese cuisine.

ALDI Zen Decoration Products

If you are interested in an Asian theme and decorative side of this ancient culture, you may find this ALDI Catalogue even more interesting for it has a special place of decoration products. Designs inspired by the Buddhist belief system, small backyard statues, pots, plant beds, and everything to make some cozy place in your place.

If you want to make vegan sushi rolls, I recommend Avocado maki. Simple recipes are all around the internet but one thing is certain; you need Avocados. Check out ALDI Avocado deal on pg 20-21.

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