ALDI Catalogue Bauhn 32-Inch HD TV 17 Jul 2019

Special Buys Week 29 is available to browse now. You can see extraordinary deals like Bauhn 32″ HD TV and more electronics on this week’s ALDI Catalogue. As usual, two parts are available. The first part consists of 17 July deals. Bauhn’s 81cm -32″ HD TV is not a full HD Television which is a very negative effect for me. It has HDMI inputs and USB input, too. You can record TV broadcasts with this device. It comes with a 1 Year Warranty. As I said, not being a full HD TV is a no-no for me but its price is cheaper than most TVs. I would use this for my office or something. If you don’t expect much from a TV, you can use it in your kitchen or places that need to be saved from boredom. For example, you own a clinic and it has a waiting room. Buy one of these and mount it on the wall so people can watch TV while waiting for their appointment. These TVs are also good for places like barbershops, office, small or big business places, or presentation rooms that need a device which will be used only to demonstrate something like graphs, etc. It has HDMI, so you can connect with most kinds of laptops of modern days. If you want to buy a 4K TV, ALDI has that, too. Visit pg 6-7 for a well priced 4K TV. It has much superior specs and features. You can find antenna kit and bracket, too.

Check out prices of Bauhn TV and more electronics on ALDI Catalogue:

ALDI Catalogue offers pet supplies like dog bed, dog crate, and cat cosy on pg 4. Pooper Scooper, dog grain free sticks, and dental products for little friends. Visit pg 4-5 to explore all products of the pet category on ALDI Catalogue 17 Jul 2019.

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