ALDI Catalogue British Food 1 June 2019

British food with the authenticity of the presentation and favourite snacks. Some snacks of the British are pretty similar to Australian products. For example, you have Smith’s chips, McVitie’s assorted digestives that are both what are familiar with. These are in fact classic British snacks as the ALDI suggests. Not only snacks, but you can also find fantastic sauces for your meals. You also have mint sauce in this part of the catalogue.
To use those sauces, you need to have decent kitchenware. Cast Iron products are unbeatable when it comes to style and durability. They are the best without a doubt. The only thing negative about the cast iron products is that they are much heavier. You can find modern cookware on pg 12. Use that frypan to cook your meat. Cast iron products capture the heat and allow you to cook at a much higher temperature than steel products. That way, you can easily cook your meat. I recommend lamb chops. Just salt them prior to leaving them on your cast iron fry pan. More kitchen products are also available in the ALDI supermarket this week.

British sausages, beef, and recipes of the pies are available in the ALDI’s official page. Learn how to make Scotch eggs. They look delicious. You can also make brioche and butter pudding this week with the assistance of ALDI.

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